Who We are

We are educators dedicated to supporting classroom teachers with best practices, comprehensive knowledge, and the inclusion of human rights, social responsibility and global citizenship in the curriculum in order to create a generation of citizens equipped to stand against hatred, bigotry, and extremism.

Woven Teaching envisions a world where every student’s education includes:

  • A sense of historical perspective;

  • The development of critical thinking skills;

  • A feeling of global citizenship;

  • The ability to spot bigotry, the understanding of its negative effects on individuals and society, and the analytical tools to combat it.

What We Do

We provide high quality and curated information, strategies, lessons, unit planning and other resources for history teachers and those working with historical material and current events. Our materials combine best practices, Common Core compliance, and themes of social responsibility. We support grassroots and local organizations in places trying to move beyond a legacy of violence. We partner with like-minded organizations such as The Educators Institute for Human Rights (EIHR) and the Genocide Education Project (GEP) to support teachers with quality lesson plans focusing on human rights.

Why We Do It

We want to help alleviate the pressure on teachers by supporting them with training, curriculum, and information. We believe that studying social justice is a great way to interest students and is crucial to creating responsible global citizens. We believe education is an essential component of breaking cycles of violence and bigotry. We believe collaboration amongst like-minded organizations is the best way to further our mission of being a lightweight, cost-effective and focused organization that strives to educate a globally-minded, socially-responsible citizenry.