At Woven Teaching we believe that collaborative partnerships can contribute to a greater impact and better support our mission. 


Educators’ Institute for Human Rights

The Educators’ Institute for Human Rights (EIHR) is a non-profit staffed by volunteer teachers. It provides training, generates dialogue, develops materials, and builds networks to support educators seeking to rebuild community one classroom at a time. EIHR’s work is international in scope, reaching as far as Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Rwanda.

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The Genocide Education Project

The Genocide Education Project (GenEd) seeks to assist educators in teaching about human rights and genocide, particularly the Armenian Genocide, by developing and distributing instructional materials, providing access to teaching resources, and organizing educational workshops. GenEd was established in order to broaden the general understanding of the history of the Armenian Genocide, in the context of the history of World War I, and as a predecessor of the pattern of genocides that followed. 

Peace Education Initiative Rwanda (Peacedu)

Founded in 2015 by Rwandan teachers, Peace Education Initiative Rwanda (Peacedu) is engaged in and dedicated to preventing genocide and mass atrocities through education. Peacedu's work is focused on human rights/peace education and genocide studies, with an emphasis on the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and the Holocaust. By focusing on these topics, Peacedu hopes to build a tolerant society and a future without hatred. Students, teachers, and parents all participate in Peacedu’s programs.

Summer Institute for Human Rights & Genocide Studies of Buffalo

Located near Buffalo, New York, the Summer Institute is a non-denominational, non-partisan program designed to provide in-depth human rights education for high school students and teachers. Whether it is through understanding the history of the Holocaust, contemporary genocide, or human rights issues, the goal of the Institute is to broaden and deepen the knowledge base of its students, so that they may in turn make a difference in their communities, nation, and world.


Based in Butembo, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), VIGLOJ is working towards a more healthy and secure Congolese society through youth involvement. Its mission is to train a new generation of young people to be catalysts for peace, human rights, and prosperity in the DRC. Through its Young Peace Builders’ Clubs, microgrants to young entrepreneurs, and its leadership skills training program, VIGLOJ provides young people with the tools to make change in their communities.